by Celina Cruz

Kawaii in Manila 2

Last Saturday, I attended the first Kawaii convention in the Philippines and to make-up for my short blog post feature about it, this blog post will contain more things about what really happened during the event!

Kawaii has always been a term I’d always mutter and a word that can pretty much say a lot of things about myself. Kawaii is a lifestyle that I’ve grown with from all the anime I used to watch as soon as I get home from school; from the Japanese dramas I’ve watched; and from the things I’d only see on my computer screen. Kawaii wasn’t only a word for me, not just a lifestyle, but something that pushed me to enthuse about and to influence others to not just perceive it as a word as well.
I’ve had numerous sabaw conversations with Ate Kaila Ocampothe co-founder of Kawaii Philippines, for years now and we’ve talked about her life in Japan, her blog, and sometimes (if a serious topic was brought up): her plans for the future. I’ve probably said this several times already but having Kawaii in Manila 2 happen right before my eyes felt so surreal. To have someone(very close to my hearts)’s dreams come to reality didn’t only give happiness to the person herself but to myself and to other people who shared the same dream as well.

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