by Celina Cruz

2015: Fulfilling Dreams and Trying New Things

When I was younger, I would never smile with my teeth and I never wore shorts or skirts. Reaching my tween years, I used to go to go-see's and it was a total dream of mine to become a model for Total Girl (pretty much every tween's dream before lol). 

2014 opened the gates for my tween dream, and 2015 didn't fail to continue this dream of mine as well. I was fortunate enough to model for Kawaii Philippines & Lucy Pop twice this year. One for Dolly Kaye at the annual MATA Expo and another one for the Lucy Pop x Rainbowholic collaboration. 

What struck me most while I was remembering all the good things in 2015 was how much dreams were fulfilled - mine and others, and how honored I am to witness them.

In 2015, Kawaii Philippines launched their first book. 

In 2015, Abbey Sy also launched her first book. 

I still remember how I'd spent hours on her Tumblr just scrolling down through her works and wishing that I was as skillful as her. Years have passed and I still have her old laminated bookmark and the customized tote bag with me. Now I always see her name whenever I pay a visit to National Bookstore (lol) and it makes me so happy to see her achieve so much the past year and she deserves all the love and support she's been receiving from so much people who admire her. 

In 2015, Reese Lansangan launched her first album. 

I've been a fan of hers for around 6 years now and I remember how I almost never got the chance to watch her live performances. But thanks to the internet, supporting her wasn't limited to only watching her gigs live - I'd always listen to her songs wherever I go and I also remember going to blogger events just for her. 

And in 2015, I interned for her. 
This was probably my first actual internship. Out of hundreds of applications, I was part of the few whom Reese called Super Interns. [And I'll share the rest of my experience on a separate blog post.]

It just feels so gratifying to see the people around me grow and to witness their own milestones right before my eyes. The internet is amazing and I'm so glad to have met such inspiring people who push me to try new things and keep doing what I love most. 

In 2015, I fulfilled my childhood dream and finally flew to Japan. 

I used to run to our television as soon as I get home just to watch Cardcaptor Sakura on Animax and ever since I discovered anime, it has always been a dream of mine to go to the land of cherry blossoms and cute J-pop guys. And I'd like to thank my mom (who probably won't get to read this blog post) for making this possible. I love you, Mama! 

To say that 2015 was amazing would be an understatement. I honestly can't express everything I feel through this blog post. Despite having so many obstacle along the way - sleepless nights and other personal matters included, 2015 was a great year.


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